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SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide

Buying the SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide will not change your life or your income. Implementing what you learn from it will.

Who is Tom Heatherington?
  • Tom Heatherington co-founded one of America’s first ISPs way back in 1993 and his company produced websites for Frito-Lay, Virgin Records, the Texas Rangers and hundreds of small businesses.
  • Tom Heatherington published among the first online business books, The Complete Small Business Internet Guide, and…
  • Tom Heatherington has been an internet marketing consultant to television and NFL personalities since before Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google.
Who needs the SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide?
Do you list your business phone number in the yellow pages? Well, then look at how much more business you could get if your website actually got traffic. Every business or person who has a website can increase their traffic and conversions if they adopt the steps outlined in this book. Having a website that’s not been optimised and isn’t bolstered by a social networking strategy is like having an unlisted business phone number.
Tom Heatherington’s book, the SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide is geared to individuals and small ‘brick & mortar’ businesses. Companies that do not have the luxury of a marketing budget, and do not have the time or faculty to commit to a full-time internet marketing project. Does this sound like your company?
The difference between winning and failing online is a great deal smaller than you may guess. A single filename, one keyword, one page title, A single link, or one of any of the important search engine optimization variables may virtually be the difference between notoriety or obscureness.  His book shows you how to maximize all these variables leaving little to chance.
Did you know that YouTube offers the most ‘Google juice’ for your website from any off-site property?  Even so, if you don’t create your video (description) properly it’s worthless.  Tom Heatherington show you how! Would you believe that Tom Heatherington owns a single website that for the past few years has been drawing hundreds of unique visitors each day as a result of a single image file being named purposefully? What’s 200 unique (free) visitors per day worth to you?
If you would like to know how to create a enduring, highly effective and commanding lead-generating web presence that will multiply over time… buy the SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide.
His book includes little-known secrets relevant to what it actually takes to make a website operate and interest targeted visitors. Tom Heatherington will show you how to find the most beneficial sites that will list your internet site free of charge, add valuable Google juice and begin driving targeted visitors. You’ll learn up-to-date tactics that can generate money that is not attached to the number of hours you work.
You will not need to do research or exhaust months experimenting. Face it, if you don’t modify what you’re doing currently, you are going to continue receiving what you’re getting. If you do not like what your getting – you need to alter what your doing.
The goldmine that is the World Wide Web has become the greatest marketing opportunity in history, but the easy methods of mining for customers are gone evermore. Exactly like the California ‘Gold Rush’, finding Internet gold currently calls for digging and a systematic approach to attaining new prospects and channeling them to your website. Nowadays you must contend with billions of websites and blogs, and unless you know how to draw in people to your web site and siphon off highly-focused targeted customers, you will not come upon your mother lode.
The SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide will aid you in your search for Internet gold. Maybe you’ve tried panning the surface; today its time to become serious and dig… but you have to dig where your prospects are!
SEO, Social media, keywords, blogging, link building… yeah, Tom Heatherington acknowledges these terms are not part of your core business vocabulary, but they’re core factors of a prosperous online marketing strategy.
The SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide not only explains what these techniques do for you, but better still, Tom Heatherington shows you step-by-step how to use every factor and fine-tune them for maximum payoff.
What’s in the the SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide?
Tom Heatherington uses a ‘real-world’ example of a small business and addresses every major issue of search engine optimization, social networking and the cutting-edge internet marketing strategies.  Some of the topics include:
  • Onsite SEO tweaks that if applied correctly could literally drive hundreds (or thousands) of highly-targeted customers to your web site each day.
  • Offsite SEO tactics geared to channeling traffic to your site from outside sources.
  • Keyword research and use.  Believe it or not, the keywords you believe define your business could be incorrect and that’s costing you business.
  • Content – the text, images, videos and additional web site elements that Google uses to ascertain your website’s ‘value’.
  • Copywriting secrets that get results.
  • Website components like sitemaps and privacy policies that are now all important to achieve the approval of search engines.
  • How to acquire quality links from content-related sites.
  • How to exploit Google, Yahoo, Bing, Squidoo, HubPages, MerchantCircle, SmartGuy, Leapfish, Yelp and additional resources to reinforce your local search results.
  • Employing video to push traffic – and your video does not even have to be a video.
  • Local Search is among Google’s peak priorities and taking advantage on this is something that almost all website owners fail to do appropriately.
  • Social networking can be a immense waste of time and energy whenever done wrongly.  Use it to your advantage!
  • Social marketing is the new advertising mantra and if applied tactically, can drive hordes of targeted traffic.
  • Social bookmarking – how to use automatic services to bookmark your web pages adding hundreds (or thousands) of links back to your web site.
  • Blogging is among the most vital features of a winning marketing strategy because Google LOVES blogs (nothing else counts).  Discover how to:
    • Pick out the best blogging platform
    • Find the most significant ‘Plugins’ you will need
    • Maximize your keywords in your blog
    • Optimize your blog for maximum effectiveness
    • Where to find the best ‘free’ themes
    • Get a custom ‘ping list’ that will notify loads of search engines every time you make a fresh post.
  • Employing an ‘autoresponder’ to build a list of candidates and buyers means recurring income. Learn how to do it correctly.
  • Internet tools with a focus on free resources to assist you create and handle your marketing campaigns.
  • Track visitors’ activity and learn what keywords brought them to your web site – and from where they came.
  • Set up a fully-functional website using this simple – and FREE – search-optimized software that Tom Heatherington recommend to all his private clients.
  • Selecting the BEST domain name. Your domain name might not be the best pick.
  • and much, much more!

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SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide 2.00 05:26:39Buying the SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide will not change your life or your income. Implementing what you learn from it will.
Who is Tom He…
seo,social mediaSEO and Social Media Marketing Guide 2.0Buying the SEO and Social Media Marketing Guide will not change your life or your income. Implementing what you learn from it will.
Who is Tom He…
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