About Our Marketing Product Reviews

I did put all the mandatory legalese that I figures no one really reads but it necessary so you don’t blame my ass if a product does not work for you the way you expected.

Some of the products have been reviewed personally by me or part of my staff. Some are thrown up on site for visitors to rate and review. But each and every one is open for you feedback and or questions. Just because it is a review site and the box below the product says “Leave a review”, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask an extra question about the product maybe not covered in the overview.

So why might a product not work for you:

  • It may be above your head, there are beginning marketing products and more advanced products.
  • You may not have really put the software or information product to use. Nothing will work if it is not used.
  • It may really be a crap product

Either way, let me know in the box below each product.

So how do I go about choosing products. I notice trends, I write about products I have used myself and sometimes I pick one at random. And my definition of money making products or marketing tools may be broad. If a tool helps you run a business online in any way, like I do, it might end up on this site.

And if you would like a product considered or like to contact us for any other reason, please use the form below:

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Posted on Saturday, August 21st, 2010.