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Auto Power Blogs, What Is It?

Auto Power Blogs is not just one thing, it is a system devised to make you money online without without a lot of work. How can John Bell claim to do that right after the Google Panda Update which killed a lot of sites traffic? I mean are they serious. Automated, spun and duplicate content makes Google bury your site even more than it used to. Forget just slapping up some PLR articles without editing them or using any old article spinner. Google is getting smart in it’s teenage years and it’s start to be able to tell when content is really written by a human. But Auto Power Blogs covers all these bases by providing:

  • 100 blogs at the push of a button
  • Automatic affiliate program monetization
  • Daily Unique Content

Now lets explain how Auto Power Blogs does this differently

Auto Power Blogs Gives You 100 Blogs at 37 Cents Each

The internet has become a dog eat dog world. Staking your claim on one small niche may not be enough. Auto Power Blogs gives you 100 Blogs that you can customize with content that is unique to each one. This is huge. This is just what Google is looking for.

Google likes tightly focused blogs. When all the content fits together, is unique and presents a good picture of a niche, it only takes a few good bumps to rise to the top. Auto Power Blogs gives you this edge over scraper sites with trashy, unreadable content.

By covering 100 niches, you have the chance to make tiny niches go a long way. This can lead to a full time income or two, :). And by covering so many niches, you can discover which of your Auto Power Blogs are more profitable to you and pump up the content to that blog to make even more money. The possibilities are endless.

Auto Power Blogs Will Make You A Monetization Warrior

Auto Power Blogs also answers the question you are probably thinking about now. “So, I am getting all this content. Just how am I going to make money with content?”

I have to admit. This is a confusing question. There are hundreds if not thousands of affiliate programs out there. Some are managed under networks like Clickbank or Commission Junction, but there are thousands of other sites that run in house affiliate programs. And then you have to go through the work of matching products to content. But Auto Power Blogs doesn’t just answer this question for you, it removes it from the equation.

Auto Power Blogs automatically matches products from Clickbank  and Amazon to the content on ever one of your blogs. It also integrates Google Adsense, giving you three income streams in one. You can’t lose. All you have to do is enter the id’s from these programs into your Auto Power Blogs adminstration panel and your blogs are instantly monetized.

Auto Power Blogs Gives You Real Articles Written in the U.S.A.

Content has always been king and Google has been saying for years that duplicate and low value content is a no-n0. With the last Google update, they drew a line in the sand. Thousands of sites with duplicate, spun and junk content dropped out of site in Google’s results.

You not only need unique content, but it has to be real and it has to make sense and provide value. Auto Power Blog is not PLR content, it is not spun content, it is not written by people who don’t know English. All of the content in the system is written by writers here in the United States. And you can be sure that none of the content on your blogs will ever appear on another Auto Power Blog. It is yours forever.

If you don’t like to write, getting content can be the hardest part of getting content for your blog or website. Even if you do like to write, it takes a long time to write enough content to get noticed by Google. Half of the guest post requests I get are nothing but spun junk. I also run an article site and have to reject up to 75% of the content because it just does not make any sense. And good content is expensive. Or is it…

Because the mass of content needed by new Auto Power Blog member signing up daily, Tom Bell can demand a bulk rate on high quality content and this means caviar content for peanut prices.

Auto Power Blog Bonuses

The bonus that Auto Power Blogs brings is that you will make money with the system. The product comes with a money back guarantee. This is not a hyped up products with a bunch of junk bonuses tacked on to make it look better than it is. Tom Bell and his team spent months and months of work and experimentation to bring you the Auto Power Blogs system and hundreds of people are discovering it daily. I hope you get in while you can and suggest you find out more by clicking the button below.

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